Tom Krumroy Sensei

Instructor – ASU Godan

Krumroy Sensei values making class enjoyable and (hopefully) a learning experience building upon a concept or theme connected to a technique or basic movement. He enjoys the movement or ukemi aspect of training.  He often emphasizes connection, giving good energy with an attack, as well as, keeping your body soft and supple to allow for a more ‘forgiving’ impact when connecting to the mat.  This can often lead to a greater sense of control over the body and a longer lasting practice with fewer body aches and pains.

“Focusing on being present in your practice brings about a greater connection to you and your partner and therefore a greater understanding of your technique and movements.”

“The energy you put into your training and instruction is given back by the students who participate in class, which makes for a strong Dojo community.”

Krumroy Sensei started his journey in Aikido with an Introduction to Aikido class at Cleveland State University. Taken by the movement and subtle techniques he continued for several quarters and in 1996 he began studying full time at the Cleveland Aikikai under Bill King Sensei, Christopher Gray Sensei, and ultimately Jim Klar Sensei as Dojo-Cho.  Throughout his studies at the Cleveland Aikikai, he began taking on extra responsibilities leading adult classes and junior Aikido classes.

In 2010 Krumroy Sensei relocated to Columbus, Ohio where for the next seven years he studied under Claude Geeroms Sensei at the Aikido School of Central Ohio. There he continued leading classes in both the adult and junior program. As he continued to grow in his dojo practice, he also explored Aikido seminars throughout the nation, and even had a chance to practice at Hombu Dojo.

In 2014 he was awarded the rank of 4th degree black belt by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan. Among Krumroy Sensei’s other influential instructors are Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Wendy Whited Shihan, William Gleason Shihan, George Ledyard Shihan and Tres Hoffmeister Shihan.

In 2017 Krumroy Sensei returned to Cleveland and began practicing at the Lake Shore Aikido school with Betsy O’Donnell Sensei.